Nice to wake up to good news: I am accepted as a trainee marshall for the Russian Grand Prix this year!
There’s still a long way ahead with lots of online and on-site training sessions, exams and practice competitions, but the perspective of getting a judging license in motorsport and getting a chance to work at a Grand Prix (and not just random GP, the Sochi one!) is brilliant.

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:D Morgi, Kamyk i Simi 

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Happy Birthday Ville!


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30 days challenge - Ski Jumping

└ day [8/30] - Favourite current ski jumper → Gregor Schlierenzauer

I don’t like this challenge. I think favourite jumper should be “forever”, not only “current” but I decided to do it. I chose Gregor because I believe that he can be the best one day as he was last year.

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sleep is for the people without internet access

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I can totally relate. 

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Making of photo shoot cover of GQ, Marc Marquez 


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